See 10 Interesting ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ Movie Facts Every Die-Hard Fan Should Know

Every Christmas season, Miracle on 34th Street completely melts our hearts! And so it turns out, it’s been doing so since 1947! Yes, that means this year marks the movie’s 70th anniversary — and all we can say is: boy does time fly!

To celebrate the film reaching this huge milestone, you can now purchase a special 70th anniversary DVD and Blu-ray to enjoy at home with your family! These new editions also include a poster gallery and audio commentary by Maureen O’Hara, among many other exciting things!

Miracle on 34th Street‘s storyline follows a man (who calls himself Kris Kringle) who is sporadically hired to be the Santa Claus at the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then subsequently fills in as the department store Santa Claus. Since he’s hired by Doris Walker, the events director at the Macy’s, he gets to meet her young daughter, Susan Walker, who truly believes he’s the real thing. Kris is faced with many obstacles throughout the film (including being sent to a psychotic ward). He then has to go to court, where the judge needs to decide whether or not he is the real Santa. So, is he the actual Santa Claus? You’ll have to watch this holiday to see!

Scroll the gallery below to see movie facts about the memorable holiday film!