He’s not done just yet! After winning two Golden Globe awards and a couple of Oscars, Michael Douglas has revealed that he has no plan to retire from acting anytime soon. The 74-year-old actor recently sat down with his The Kominsky Method co-star Alan Arkin for a new interview and said that he still loves his Hollywood gig more than ever.

“Who would anticipate any other business that you can be in into your 70s and 80s and still work?” Michael asked Alan. He also flat out told his 84-year-old colleague “no” when Alan asked if Michael would be retiring soon.

Alan Arkin Michael Douglas
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Though Michael has made millions of dollars as an actor, he still tells himself, “that might be it,” once he completes a new film. But his negative thoughts quickly go away once he realizes that acting is the only thing that he wants to do.

While speaking with Alan, Michael recalled how hard it was to audition for roles early in his career. “I was the worst audition person in the world,” he joked. “I don’t even know how I got cast for a long time. I was very nervous.” Michael was later recognized in Hollywood once he appeared in the 1969 TV play The Experiment. Since then, he has taken on tons of famous roles that has further increased his résumé as a highly experienced actor.

Just last Tuesday on Nov. 6, Michael’s acting legacy was recognized when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At the special event, he was joined by his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, dad, Kirk Douglas, and his 39-year-old son, Cameron Douglas.

Michael Douglas

“Retiring gives the impression that you’re relieved your job is over. Right now, my health is good, I’m enjoying  my career, it’s my 18th year of marriage to Catherine and it couldn’t be better,” he said in a previous interview with Closer Weekly. “So I have very few complaints, and that doesn’t happen very often in life. I’m a happy camper.”