As one of the UK’s most esteemed actors, it is surprising that Michael Caine has been left starstruck after meeting not only one, but two celebrities throughout his illustrious career.

In a new interview, Michael, 81, admits he was rendered completely speechless when he met his favorite TV actress — Calista Flockhart!

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“With Calista, I was a big fan of her TV show ‘Ally MCBeal.’ We were at the Golden Globe awards in Los Angeles and she suddenly waved. I looked behind my chair, wondering if it was for somebody else. So there’s me acting like Joe Soap because I always feel like such an idiot if I wave back and it’s not me they are waving at. I came over all shy. I swear I even blushed,” he sweetly recounted of meeting Mrs. Harrison Ford, 49.

calista flockhart & harrison ford

Calista and Harrison at the Golden Globe Awards in 2012. (Photo Credit: Getty)

Michael says he was also starstruck when he met iconic singer Frank Sinatra in the 1970s.

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“With Sinatra, we were traveling in a private jet across America in the 1970s after the success of ‘Get Carter.’ I [suddenly] realized who I was with and shut up. He asked me what was wrong. I said, ‘It is unbelievable for me to be sitting here with you,’ and he said, ‘When I first came to Hollywood in 1938 I found myself with my hero Ronald Colman and just lost my voice altogether,” Michael told the U.K.’s Daily Express, of his encounter with the crooner.