Well, as least she still has a sense of humor. Megyn Kelly took to Twitter on Thursday, Jan. 17, to awkwardly remind everyone that she is unemployed at the moment. The 48-year-old didn’t directly say it, but everyone knew exactly what she was talking about.

“About to begin jury duty this morning,” the former political commentator tweeted. “Slightly concerned about the effectiveness of the ‘I’m far too busy’ excuse this time.” After making some controversial comments about blackface Halloween costumes in October 2018, Megyn was hit with a ton of negative responses. As soon as the backlash poured in, NBC decided to fire her and cut their losses. More than two months after the network said goodbye to Megyn, a settlement was finally reached between the two.

“The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC,” the network said in a statement, as she reportedly walked away with close to $30 million — money still owed to her from her three-year, $69 million contract. If Meghan is interested in becoming employed again and making a return to television, she may not have a lot of choices. In fact, a source close to her exclusively told Closer Weekly that her “options are very limited.”

Megyn Kelly
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“Megyn may have gotten a sweet exit from NBC [with] her $69 million contract intact, but she still has no firm job offer,” the source recently said. “She says we’ll be seeing her back on TV shortly, but her options are very limited. Everyone is excited and wants to know what her plan is, she’s definitely working on something, but it’s still a mystery.” The insider continued, “Megyn would love to turn back time and have everyone forget the last year she had. Her arrival at NBC, the blackface comment, clashing with Matt Lauer and her other colleagues. It was a year of highs and many lows, but mainly one that she would like to forget.”

As of now, Megyn doesn’t seem to have any leads on a new job. There is also no word yet if she was selected for the jury after showing up for jury duty in NYC.