If anyone is interested in hiring Megyn Kelly and risking the fact that she may make another controversial comment, a report is revealing that she is free to work for any news outlets now that she’s gone from NBC.

While Matt Lauer is busy reportedly writing a book and trying to crawl back to television, Megyn will soon be sending her resume out, at least according to a person familiar with the matter. This source reveals to Variety that exit talks between the anchor and the NBCUniversal-owned division are close to wrapping up. The source also reveals that Megyn is not expected to be held back by any non-compete restrictions, so if you were hoping, for some reason, to see Megyn on your television again you just may get what you want. Although there is some legal language to still work through, according to the source. Let’s just assume that is a fancy way of saying Megyn wants to get paid, and she is expected to walk away with $30 million, according to folks close to the situation. It would be great if we could reel in tons of cash anytime we said something incredibly offensive at work.

Megyn Kelly
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Once Megyn gets the green light to look elsewhere for work, it will be interesting to see who takes a chance on her next. Will she head back to cable television? Will she start a podcast? Will she find herself working at the White House? All of those are strong possibilities. And even though Megyn has been booted, hour three of Today has seen their ratings increase. The first week that Megyn was gone ratings went from 2.5 million viewers to 2.6 million. There was also a 10 percent increase in women viewers age 18-48, and a six percent increase in women age 25-54. Not huge numbers, but it just proves that Megyn Kelly Today had everyone as excited as The Tony Danza Show.

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