It’s better to be safe than sorry! Following Meghan Markle‘s fiasco in Fiji on Oct. 23 when she was rushed out of a marketplace due to a “security risk,” a source has now revealed that Kensington Palace is “ramping up” her local security detail.

“Apart from terrorism, kidnappers, and lone madmen, the biggest threat to royals on these visits is a stampede in a crowd — it’s something they take very seriously,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe explained to Heat magazine.

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Duncan also noted that “Meghan’s safety remains a top priority” for the royal family — especially for Meghan’s doting husband, Prince Harry. After all, the two are expecting their first child in spring 2019.

“Harry obviously wants the tour to be a success, as it’s arguably the biggest royal overseas visit since his parents, [Prince] Charles and [Princess] Diana, took his brother, Prince William, as a baby on a similar route to Australia, but Meghan and the baby will be his first priority,” Larcombe said.

In addition to Harry’s fierce protection, Kate Middleton has also been a shoulder for the former Suits actress to lean on. “Kate has very much taken Meghan under her wing,” Larcombe said.

“It’s only really Kate who can understand what it’s Iike for Meghan being pregnant in the spotlight. Kate will be saying, ‘Put your baby first. There are things that are more important than this circus,'” he added.

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Thankfully, Meghan’s royal duties will slow down as her pregnancy moves further along. As it stands, the Duke and Duchess are currently in Auckland, New Zealand. The royal tour will be coming to an end on Oct. 31 in Rotorua, New Zealand.

We’ll certainly miss all the stunning snapshots of Meghan and her precious baby bump, but it’ll definitely be a relief to know she’s safe and sound!

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