So scary! Pregnant Meghan Markle is currently visiting Fiji with her husband, Prince Harry, as part of their royal tour. However, on Wednesday, Oct. 24, the Duchess of Sussex had a big scare due to “crowd management issues,” a Kensington Palace source told the Associated Press.

The 37-year-old was seen being rushed out of a sweltering hot, busy market in Suva after whispering to her aides. Meg — who is pregnant with baby No. 1 — was only at the market for six minutes opposed to her scheduled 20 to meet female stallholders involved with the UN Women’s project “Markets for Change.”

Meghan Markle

“It was hot, humid, and uncomfortably busy and there were far larger crowds than expected,” her royal aide revealed, according to Daily Mail. “She met everyone she was meant to meet and left. There would have been a lot of people who would have been keen to meet her but she did meet those who had hoped to. On advice, she was taken out due to crowd management issue.”

One stallholder who was expected to meet Meg allegedly said: “It is such a shame as we were all very excited to meet her. We started preparing for the visit three weeks ago and had been meant to meet her but she left without even saying hello.”

This visit marked day nine of the royal couple’s first overseas tour together. For the day out, Meghan sported her most colorful look yet — a red, pink, and purple floral gown with hanging pom-poms of the same color. And while she looked smiley and happy despite the freak exit in the photos, it’s been reported that Meghan is slowing down as the end of their tour nears.

“We have to try to pace her. We have to make sure she is well paced and not overdoing it,” a royal insider reportedly told Us Weekly. “We want to make sure she gets enough rest at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.” We’re just glad Meg is ok!

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