Don’t be so hard on yourself, Meghan Markle! According to a new report, the 37-year-old former actress is “putting herself under pressure” and trying too hard to be perfect in her new royal role — especially when it comes to her regal fashion choices.

“Meghan’s putting herself under pressure when it comes to her look and the public see this as her trying too hard — but she’s not expected to be perfect,” royal expert and author Duncan Larcombe told the UK’s New! magazine in a new interview.

Apparently, Meghan was “worried” when she recently received some backlash for the glam ensemble she chose to wear at the Royal Variety Show in London on Nov. 19. “Some of the negative comments about her outfit on social media will have worried her. She’s going to be emotional and determined to do the right thing and wear the right thing,” Larcombe explained.

Meghan Markle
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However, Larcombe also praised Meghan for keeping her personal style after she became a royal despite some poorly-received fashion choices in the last few months. “What’s important is that she comes across as herself. If she starts dressing like the Duchess of Cambridge [Kate Middleton] or the Queen she’ll be criticized. It’s good she’s retaining her own style,” he added.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, doubted that Meghan will ever fully follow royal protocol when it comes to her style. “She’s very new to this game and it will evolve, but just at this moment, she’s doing it her way. I don’t think she’s ever going to conform totally to the royal way of dressing, but she will mold. Mehgan’s nearly 40. She has her own style. She’s always going to be criticized, but she just has to rise above it, which I’m absolutely certain she is,” she told New! magazine.

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Seward also suggested that Meghan turn to a couture designer to dress her like Princess Diana once did to improve her royal style. “She hasn’t got someone to ask her, ‘Tell me where you’re going, tell me what you’ll be doing and we’ll work it all out and make clothes suitable for the occasion.’ I think she just sees a pretty outfit and wears it,” Seward said. Whatever Meghan chooses to wear, she’ll always be a royal style trendsetter to us!

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