Actress Meghan Markle is set to enter the world of royalty when she marries Prince Harry on Saturday, May 19. And, in showing her commitment to her new life, the 36-year-old recently bid adieu to all of her social media accounts. While we definitely miss her fun Instagram photos of yoga poses and pics of her super luxurious vacations, we almost let one past post swing right past us.

Thanks to some major sleuthing from one BuzzFeed News writer, it seems that Harry may have made an appearance on Meghan’s Instagram months before their romance went public. And, he’s wearing a Golden Girls sweater in the snapshot, no less!

prince harry meghan markle instagram
Instagram; R/R

However, there are some key points we need to look at before we allege that this person could be anyone other than Prince Harry. Firstly, she shared the image back in October 2016. In an interview last year, Meghan confirmed that she and Harry started dating in July 2016, so they were definitely an item at that point. We also know the pair never went more than a two weeks without seeing each other during that time.

Then there’s the image’s caption, “I take full responsibility for this sweatshirt. He wears it well. #GoldenGirls #Truth.” So cute, right?! Then there’s the nail in the coffin — the man in the photo is sporting what can only be described as Harry’s handsome beard. We’ll ultimately let you make up your own mind, but the picture definitely seems to be of Harry to us!

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This post was written by Chloe Lal. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.