If you are lucky enough to be among the roughly 600 people invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s royal wedding on May 19, will you know how to act, what to wear, where not to sit? It’s one thing to eat with the wrong fork, it’s another thing to embarrass yourself in front of the future princess. Here, royal romance expert and author Rachel Hauck offers Closer readers five tips all royal wedding guests must remember.

Be on time

Guests are expected to arrive 20 minutes early. Do not show up late, having to step around the arriving bride, and make your way to the front, asking, “Is this seat taken?”


No selfies during the ceremony! No popping into the aisle with the blissful couple in the background. “Here I am at the royal wedding. Follow me for more details. Ahhhh! This is amazing.”

Tack on some tact

Royal weddings are solemn occasions. Commoners don’t just walk up to the royal family and hug them. No tapping the queen on the shoulder to ask, “How’s the reign going? Sixty some odd years now? Fantastic.”

Say “NO, NO” to the NAE NAE

Enjoy the reception, but remember it’s rude to kick off your shoes and ask Harry and Meghan to join you for the Electric Slide.

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Class(ical) act

And please, no calling for “Free Bird” any time during the royal celebration! Behave like you were taught in kindergarten: Be yourself and have fun!

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