Pregnant Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is certainly doing everything in her power to ensure her baby is healthy. And, according to the Daily Star, that includes avoiding germs as much as possible.

Meghan — who is married to Prince Harry, of course — is about five months pregnant, and a source close to Meghan revealed that Meghan, 37, is reportedly so keen on keeping herself and her baby healthy that she’s even trying to avoid any areas with air conditioner.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Getty Images

“Obviously Meg has always been about the holistic, organic life. She’s now keener than ever on that,” the source stated. “She loves ‘live’ bacteria yogurts to promote gut health and is only eating [vegetables] and fruit from organic farms. She’ll walk right away from anyone smoking and she’s keeping herself as germ free as possible. So anywhere with air [conditioning] is a no.”

Well if Meghan wants to avoid germs, I’m just going to assume she and Harry, 34, won’t be kicking back and hanging out in an NYC subway anytime soon. And that’s me going out on a limb for you all.

The source also revealed that despite Meghan being pregnant, she is still sticking with her yoga routine. “Meg’s said she wants to let nature lead the way,” the source stated. “That means all of the yoga will stay part of her schedule, as she’s keen to have as natural a birth as possible — drug-free, holistic remedies only, and mum Doria [Ragland] on hand for meditation.”

I feel like most women say this until they actually feel a human being barreling through them. But hey, more power to Meghan. You have to give Meghan kudos for doing everything she can to make sure she has a healthy pregnancy.

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