When we heard the news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s engagement and upcoming wedding, we just had one question — where would we sit per the royal seating chart? Which side of the ceremony are we going to sit on at the ceremony when we’re (hypothetically) invited? After all, we love both of these stars. Prince Harry is obviously the husband of our dreams, but we’re happy to share him with Meghan. She’s always been so poised and philanthropic and talented, aka the perfect addition to the royal family and the perfect sister-in-law for Will and Kate). Honestly, if we didn’t like her so much, we’d be crazy jealous.

But as it is, we’re nothing but happy for the couple. We’ve just got our seat dilemma to deal with. Do we side with the royals, who we’ve been obsessed with since the days of Princess Diana? Or do we sit with the Markle side of the family and represent our American pride and love for all things Hollywood? Do we try to get in good with the queen, or cozy up to Doria Radlan, the bride’s supremely cool mom?

We just couldn’t decide, even as we started planning the whole ceremony and reception. (You know, just in case Meghan needs the help. And Meghan, if you need any extra bridesmaids, too, we’re totally available. We’ll even wear some big ugly gown if that’s what you need… though we suspect you’ve got better taste than that.) So to help us — and everyone else — come up with the answer to our question, we created this handy graphic. Because who can pick between Harry and Meghan without a little outside advice? (Although, honestly, if we get to sit anywhere, we’ll be over the moon about it. Hello, it’s the royal wedding.) Check out our flow chart below and follow along to see which side of the ceremony you belong with, whether that’s British royalty or Hollywood legacy.

meghan flowchart closer