After Elizabeth Krainman, 33, learned she was unable to conceive a child, she and her husband, Kevin, 37, turned to adoption instead.

But unlike many other couples who choose to adopt, the Krainman’s found their now 4-month-old daughter, Sammy, through the little-known option of embryo adoption.

“I had always been open to traditional adoption, but when I learned embryo adoption existed, something just clicked and felt right for us. I wanted to experience pregnancy. I wanted to offer love to a child who needed it. I wanted to experience birth. Embryo adoption seemed like such an interesting and unexplored path to parenthood, and it seemed like an amazing and exciting thing to be a part of,” Krainman told ‘People’ of her experience.

sammy krainman

Sammy Krainman in August, 2014. (Photo Credit: Facebook // Elizabeth Krainman)

After locating donors online, Krainman underwent three attempts — each costing between $3,500 and $12,000 — at pregnancy with donated embryos, she explained.

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She was finally able to maintain a healthy pregnancy with the third donated embryo. It was transferred to Krainman’s uterus seven years after another couple placed the newly fertilized, 6-day-old embryo in a storage facility. Nine months later, Sammy was born.

“Infertility and loss has produced some of the harshest pain I have ever known,” Krainman said. “I hope that others can find success and joy in it just as we have. Even if I make a difference for just one person, it’s all worth it.”

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