We get it, girl! When Anne Hathaway stopped by Good Morning America to chat about her latest movie Serenity with host Michael Strahan on Wednesday, January 23, the 36-year-old movie star admitted it was hard for her to act alongside Matthew McConaughey because the 49-year-old hunk is just too gorgeous. Yes, seriously!

Anne even confessed Matthew’s good looks actually caused her to forget her lines during the film’s shoot. “I’m looking at him, nobody is talking, and I go, ‘Oh, it’s my line. Why did I forget my line? Because you’re handsome!'” Anne recalled. “I was just staring at him and I forgot my line because he looked like a fragrance model, which then, of course, it occurred to me, he is!”

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Although Anne was distracted by Matthew’s striking good looks, she assured, “Matthew is like a brother to me so I don’t think about all that other stuff.” The mom-of-one added that working with the Oscar winner has really helped her understand his public persona.

“It’s all real like it’s not this act that he puts on,” she explained. “It’s not like he’s doing a Matthew McConaughey voice or telling a Matthew McConaughey story, that’s actually who he is. And to see someone be able to live his life with that much integrity as he does, as deep a family man as he is and do his job with as much integrity as he [does], it’s left a big impression on me because I hope to do the same.”

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In Serenity, Anne plays a woman in an abusive relationship who plots to kill her husband by throwing him overboard a fishing boat. In order to do this, she offers to pay her ex-spouse (played by Matthew), who is a fishing boat captain, $10 million, to help execute her plan. Sounds interesting, right?! Serenity hits theaters on Friday, January 25.