The day is finally here: Martha Stewart has shared her first selfie, and it's amazing! Martha posted the selfie on her Instagram account on Sunday, June 10 with the caption, "I never ever take selfies but I have been experimenting. This is my first good selfie. I do look just a little bit weird!"

But Martha's comment about her looking "a little bit weird" in the photo couldn't be further from the truth. Though the celebrity chef chose not to smile or practice the popular "duck face," her serious look paired with the camera titled to the side created the perfect selfie. And, not only did Martha expertly execute her first selfie, but her fans were living for the fun pic.

"You're working it, mama!" one fan commented and another wrote, "You don't look weird, you look lovely." One follower even gave the TV star some advice and added, "Hold the camera a little bit higher."

Martha, 76, joined Instagram four years ago and since then has mainly posted photos of her cooking, pets, and the amazing places that she's traveled to. A couple of months ago, the lifestyle guru shared a rare throwback pic of herself when she was younger. "My assistant found this great photo of me in my library at Turkey Hill," she captioned the photo. "Wish it was taken last month!!! Photo by Henry Wolf."

The photo was taken during Martha's former modeling days and showed a completely different side of the Martha that we all know today. "You still look like that only you don't wear dresses or your hair like that? You're smokin' Martha!" one fan commented on the pic with another writing, "You were beautiful then…. and still beautiful now!" Keep sharing photos on social media, Martha, they're the best!