Turns out the major snowstorm known as the "Bomb Cyclone" that recently hit the Northeast left Martha Stewart stranded in Florida! The lifestyle expert took to Instagram to share an update with her followers on Thursday, Jan. 4 about her current whereabouts alongside a video of a cruise ship in Florida.

"I am stranded in Florida like many other holiday travelers and I am looking for great things to do here in semi-frigid temperatures?" she wrote in her caption. "It is really inclement here and I am worried about the farm crops and citrus crops! But I know it is even worse up north where people cannot even get to work and pipes are freezing and trees breaking!!!"

Martha resides in Westchester County, NY, but she was vacationing down in Palm Beach — alongside Dr. Oz! — for a few days. She soon found out that her short trip would be extended for a little while longer due to the intense winter weather hitting the East Coast. Hopefully, the 76-year-old can return home soon!

Luckily, Martha found plenty of fun things to do with her extra time in Florida — and she shared it all on Instagram. The businesswoman grabbed a bite to eat at Trindy Gourmet, and even gave her good pal Snoop Dogg a shoutout! "Because we are out and about — waiting for a new flight — we are eating @trindygourmet on North Rosemary West Palm Beach. Snoop where are you? This is your kinda place!!!!" she said.

Martha didn't waste an opportunity to share perfect ideas on how to spend free time when a flight is canceled. "The modern and comfortable newly renovated Spa at the Breakers, a great place to visit when travel plans are disrupted," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the spa itself. Honestly, we need Martha to give us advice in all aspects of our lives, not just her usual food and lifestyle expertise. So these Instagram posts were a special treat and prove she can turn any circumstance into classic Martha advice!