She may be all smiles and filled with good energy, but Marie Osmond has also dealt with some rough times in her life — she even once contemplated suicide but was helped out of it by her mother.

The 60-year-old recently sat-down with Dr. Oz to touch on many different things, especially during one of the singer’s darkest times. “Well, you know, you think about it, my car and well, that’s stupid I can’t do that, that’s not even …” Marie responded when asked who she leaned on during this period in her life. She continued, revealing that she considered driving off the road.

Marie Osmond Olive Osmond
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“Just, three times. Got in the car and drove up the coast of California and my mother found me in an Notel motel, and that’s what changed it,” the performer said during the interview. “She said to me, ‘Marie, I’ve never told you this, but when I had my last child, I had postpartum depression. I got in a car and drove up the coast of California.”

“Her saying that was if she could overcome this, which I never thought I could, then I can too, and I think maybe that’s why we like to share so much, is you can overcome it,” Marie continued. “We help each other.”

Marie Osmond Olive Osmond
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This is not the first time that the entertainer has opened up about suicide in her family. She once spoke about her late son Michael, who took his own life in 2010 at the age of 18. “You keep living. I thought I knew what sorrow was but you don’t ever know until you’ve been through it,” she exclusively told Closer Weekly. “There’s no joy in sorrow like it says in the Scriptures, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the joy they’re talking about is looking at somebody else who’s been through what I’ve been through and saying, ‘I understand.’ There’s joy in loving other people and saying you know how they feel and that they’re going to get through this, too.”

“My children are my greatest gift from God,” Marie continued. “Most child celebrities don’t make the transition to adulthood very well, but I believe the reason I made it is because I had eight kids to raise.”

We are just glad to hear that Marie has an incredible support system!