She may have her hands full at all hours of the day, but Marie Osmond has been focusing on taking more time for herself. The beloved entertainer recently opened up about the importance of staying healthy and why time off is so crucial for remaining in tip-top shape.

“Making time for yourself is such an important part of your overall health,” the 59-year-old beauty wrote in a post she shared to Instagram on Sunday, July 14. “I’m always so busy so often need to remind myself to sit down and take time for me.”

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Marie also revealed that is was extremely difficult for her to make time for herself back in the day when she was overweight. “When I was 50 pounds heavier, I used to struggle with this and turned to food for comfort,” she confessed. “But then I found @Nutrisystem and my entire outlook on life changed.”

Now, Marie — who once revealed to Closer Weekly that she was told her weight “was an embarrassment to my family” — looks and feels better than ever. This past January, the “Paper Roses” songstress opened up about her weight loss journey and how taking control of her health has become one of her greatest achievements.

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“Twelve years ago, I made it my goal to take better care of my body so I could live longer and better serve my children; it helped me SEE more clearly the beauty in each day,” the brunette beauty — who is the mom of kids Stephen Craig, 36, Jessica Blosil, 31, Rachel Krueger, 29, Brandon Blosil, 22, Brianna Blosil, 21, Matthew Blosil, 20, Abagail Blosil, 16, and late son Michael Blosil — gushed on Instagram at the time. “It gave me a clearer desire and the energy to serve and spread this message of joy as much as I possibly can!”

In addition to losing 50 pounds thanks to Nutrisystem, the Donny & Marie star realized that developing healthy habits helped improved many aspects of her life. “I have learned that if our body is healthy, the physical well-being then [affects] our mind and its ability to function with more clarity of thought, even in the most stressful times,” she continued. “We are better able to focus on finding the joy of living our lives even when stress and difficulties arise!”

Marie hoped that her story would encourage others to take time off and get healthy because it will only help in the long run. “I feel better, and I feel younger, too,” she once revealed, according to the Nutrisystem website. “They say you can’t turn back time. Well, look at me and say that. Because I say you CAN!”