The only thing that Marie Osmond needs in this world is her family! The 60-year-old star gushed about her loved ones on The Dr. Oz Show‘s November 6 episode. When the TV physician sat down with the musician and her nephew David Osmond, he asked her, “What is the glue that holds you together in your times of need?”

As usual, she had the prefect answer. “It’s the word family,” Marie replied. “It’s knowing that through thick and thin, you have people there for you.”

David added, “I remember my dad telling me about the priorities, the values that were established from your parents at the very beginning. And it was this, the hierarchy was: Faith, God, Family, and then Show Business.”

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The Dr. Oz Show

By watching his dad, Alan Osmond, David has learned a lot about prioritizing his family over his career. Just like his father and Marie, David became a singer and he just released his new album, Reflected, on October 13.

“I would say the thing that has been our common focus is music, is our work, is our passion,” Marie explained. “The power of it and seeing how it brings other people together.”

David completely agreed with his aunt too! “Absolutely,” he said. “As you hone your craft, as your work on this missed material. Someone told me once, when you go out on stage, perform like it’s the first time anyone heard the song and like it’s the last time anyone might hear this song.”

That’s exactly what Marie and her brother Donny Osmond have been doing as they wrap up their Flamingo residency in Las Vegas, which they’ve had for 11 years. While they’re saying goodbye to this chapter in their professional lives, it won’t be the end of the brother-sister duo.

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In a previous interview with Closer Weekly, Marie exclusively revealed she and Donny get along so well because they’re family — and its as simple as that.

“There’s this thing called DNA that kind of like makes you close,” she said with a laugh. “Donny and I, we have so much history together. Even though we had our own careers and I did my thing for years and he did his, I mean, we’re family.”