It’s time for Lindsey Buckingham to go his own way. The Fleetwood Mac guitarist’s wife, Kristen Messner, filed for divorce after 21 years of marriage on June 2, Closer Weekly confirms.

The iconic guitarist’s spouse requested a dissolution of their marriage following more than two decades together. For now, it’s unclear if the “Dreams” musician, 71, and the blonde beauty have discussed any terms of the breakup.

Stuart Ramson/AP/Shutterstock

Lindsey and Kristen wed in 2000 and share three kids, William Gregory Buckingham, 22, Leelee Buckingham, 21, and Stella Buckingham, 17. Because most of their children are over 18 and considered adults, it’s possible there may not be any issues when it comes to a custody agreement.

The Grammy-winning artist has only walked down the aisle once in his life, with Kristen, so this will be the first time going forward with divorce proceedings. Considering he spent much of his young adult years touring the world as a musician, marriage and family disappeared from his list of priorities.

However, that all changed when Lindsey crossed paths with Kristen at the time she photographed him for the cover of one of his solo albums in the 1990s. Speaking with the Las Vegas Review-Journal in October 2011, the “Landslide” hitmaker gushed over how grateful he was to experience love later in life.

“I had a lot of crazy girlfriends, and a lot of that was just an outgrowth of the lifestyle we were all leading,” he shared with the outlet, revealing the reason he had no qualms about pushing off a relationship and fatherhood.


“I did see a lot of friends who were parents and spouses — back in previous decades — who weren’t really there and kind of screwed up their kids and were not there for their family situations,” Lindsey explained. “So I waited and I was lucky enough to meet someone relatively late … it’s worked out really well. I got all that other garbage out of the way.”

While Lindsey and Kristen’s unexpected split is sad for many reasons, it seems the iconic crooner is setting his sights on his career. Hours before their divorce made headlines, the California native announced his new solo album, including his upcoming single “I Don’t Mind,” as well as a tour.

“My new self-titled album is one I’ve been intending to get out for a couple of years now, but on more than one occasion, unforeseen circumstances necessitated a postponement of plans,” he tweeted. “Now that we’re back in gear, I’m thrilled to finally be sharing new music with my listeners!”