Kevin Bacon and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, were just two of the countless investors who lost millions of dollars as a result of Bernie Madoff‘s infamous 2009 Ponzi scheme.

And now, Kevin, 56, is opening up about how he and Kyra, 49, dealt with the disheartening financial loss of most of their personal savings.

“It was a bad day, an absolutely horrible feeling, but you roll up your sleeves and get back to work,” the ‘Footloose’ star revealed in a new interview with ‘Haute Living’ magazine. “There was nothing that I had at that point that my wife and I hadn’t worked very hard for.”

bernie madoff

Bernie Madoff in March 2009.

“We kind of said though, ‘Well, our families are OK, the kids are healthy, and we’re healthy; we’ll get back to work.’ What else are you going to do? There are a lot of people who had it a lot worse than we did,” he added.

Kevin and Kyra first met on the set of the 1988 television drama ‘Lemon Sky’ and married in September of that year. The A-list couple are now parents to two children, Travis, 26, and Sosie, 23.

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In 2009, the couple learned their savings had been defrauded through an elaborate and long-running Ponzi scheme created by Madoff, a former NYC stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier. Madoff, 79, is now serving 150 years in prison for his crimes.

kevin bacon 'haute living' magazine
Randall Slavin for ‘Haute Living’

Kevin on the March/April 2015 cover of ‘Haute Living.’

Though Kevin is still reeling in the aftermath of Madoff’s deception, the actor admitted he’d gladly star in Robert De Niro’s upcoming HBO film based on the financial scandal.

“[I’d consider a role] if the part was good, if the gig was good. It would actually be sort of a great, full circle thing if I got paid to be in a Madoff movie — that would be perfect,” he told ‘Haute Living‘ magazine.