Professional dancer Keo Motsepe hasn’t had the best of luck on past Dancing With The Stars seasons. However, all of that has turned around for him since being paired up with beloved Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch this season. Keo gushed in a new exclusive interview with Closer Weekly that taking home the Mirror Ball Trophy with Evanna would “mean the world” to him.

The 28-year-old has made it the farthest he ever has this season since joining the cast for Season 19 in 2014, which is honestly shocking because he is so talented! Now that it’s getting down to the wire in this season’s competition, Keo gets candid about his hopes to take home the gold.

“It would not only reflect our partnership, hard work, and growth, but it would also prove to Evanna that the strongest magic is the one found within,” Keo revealed to Closer about winning Season 27. “That she has what it takes to make all her dreams come true and that all she needs is trust herself and her abilities.”

Though the dancing duo has been crushing it every week — they even got a perfect score on Country Night — no couple is guaranteed safety from being booted. In fact, there have been plenty of shocking eliminations so far, but Keo says you have to stay positive.

“You can’t let it get to you! Fear is your worst enemy, so we try to shake it off,” the dancer stated. “If we let our insecurities get to our heads, we wouldn’t be able to learn and get better. It’s all about turning the negative into positives and showing gratitude to our supporters by giving our best each week.”

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While staying positive in such a high-pressure situation can be extremely difficult for some, Evanna, 27, admits that she is inspired by Keo’s confident outlook. “He’s so constant. Whenever we get a five, get 10, or get an eight — he’ll always pick that and turn it into something positive and turn it into something that we can work from,” the blonde-haired beauty revealed to Closer. “He works really hard to stay in that mindset, and he takes that seriously as a discipline.”

With it already being the semifinals, Keo and Evanna need to ensure they nail every single dance move if they want to claim the title of Mirror Ball Champions. Keo admitted that the pair has a strategy to keep their composure as it comes down to the last few rounds.

“At this point, it’s all about showing gratitude by giving every performance all we can give,” Keo dished. “It would be amazing if Evanna and I make it to finals, but since nothing is certain and anything can happen, we have to keep dancing as if every performance is our last one.”

We are rooting for you, Keo and Evanna! If you are interested in catching the final few episodes of Dancing With The Stars, tune into ABC at 8:00 p.m. EST on Mondays!

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