Professional dancer Lindsay Arnold got her dream come true when she was asked to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars in 2013. Little did she know, she would be fulfilling another dream just years later.

Dancing With the Stars: Juniors is a spin-off of the original show, and Lindsay’s youngest sister, Rylee Arnold, is one of the professional dancers. The pair of sisters were presented with the opportunity to work together when Lindsay was asked to be her mentor. The Season 25 Mirror Ball Champ opened up in a new exclusive interview with Closer Weekly about how the show gave them a bond like never before.

“First of all, being on DWTS on its own was a dream for me,” Lindsay revealed right off the bat. “And being on DWTS with my youngest sister, every single day when I went I into work, I was mind blown. It was like I had to pinch myself, every single day.” Lindsay, 24, and her three younger sisters, Jensen, 21, Brynley, 18, and Rylee, 13, all grew up dancing.

The Provo, UT native told Closer that dancing was something that she and her sisters “all loved and we all did it together.” She also said that sharing that love for dancing allowed them to be together more, whether it was traveling to competitions or just going to class, and that “it really created a special bond for our whole family.” Having a valuable relationship with her sisters always came naturally, but being given the opportunity to mentor Rylee created a bond between the two that, “I don’t think we would’ve been able to create had it not been for that show,” Lindsay candidly admitted. “I am so grateful for that.”

Lindsay also said that having the chance to watch Rylee on Juniors from the sidelines gave her a newfound appreciation for the teen. “I’m so proud of the way that she handled everything because it’s tough,” Lindsay revealed while explaining how stressful the situations can be for the kids. “She was so mature and handled it so well and it just made me have a really, really strong appreciation for her and everything that she is in her life.”

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DWTSJ will be wrapping up the rest of its first season within the next few weeks, and as for a second season, Lindsay is crossing her fingers. “I hope so,” the dancer admitted to Closer when asked if she heard anything swirling around about a potential Season 2. “Honestly, all I want is to hear is ‘You’re doing another season,'” she said while laughing. The blonde-haired beauty made it obvious that she wants nothing more than to have another opportunity to work alongside Rylee and gushed about how amazing it would be if they continued the spin-off.

“I think that the show is just scratching the surface on entertainment,” she said confidently. “I mean, every single week, you’re going to die at how cute these kids are and I can’t even tell you how exciting it is and how excited I am for people to keep watching. And I just really hope people are tuning in so we can do this again because it was something so special.” It looks like we’re going to have to stick around and wait to find out the ultimate fate of DWTSJ, and if it means we get to see more of Lindsay, we’re all for it!

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