Kelly Ripa’s love language might just very well be insulting her husband of 27 years, Mark Consuelos, on live TV. The Live With Kelly and Mark cohosts had an interesting exchange of words during the “Stump Mark” segment of the show on Tuesday, January 23.

The trivia round kicked off with Mark, 52, chatting with a contestant named Sharon over the phone. The Riverdale alum was posed with the task of guessing which of two statements was true about Sharon: “I have been married 44 years and have nine grandchildren” or “I’m a season ticket holder at the Indianapolis motor speedway.”

Mark went with the statement about the grandchildren, and Sharon informed him that he was correct. To celebrate his win, he jumped out of his chair and began sprinting around the news desk as Kelly, 53, sat in disbelief. “You just gave me my first win,” he said, referencing his recent losing streak.

“Boo,” she shouted at her husband. Mark made his way back to his seat after a few moments of frantic running. “A victory lap? That is gross,” Kelly said firmly.

Mark has had a rough go at playing “Stump Mark” throughout the month of January, getting almost every single answer wrong on the show each day. “I need like an exorcism or something,” he told Kelly during a broadcast on January 19.

Mark Consuelos kisses Kelly Ripa on the cheek
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Haute Living

Fans have gotten a kick out of seeing Mark fail miserably during “Stump Mark” each morning. “I love it when Mark gets these guesses wrong,” one viewer admitted on X on Wednesday, January 25.

One day prior to Mark’s victory lap, he received a care package from a fan on the show. He opened it up to find a pipe, much like the one he had during his childhood that was made out of clay. Playfully putting it in his mouth and using it as a pointer, Mark told Kelly he would use the pipe to point to her and get her to change the channel for him on their TV at home.

“I’m just gonna say, if you point at me with that pipe, I’m going to point at you with a machete,” the Emmy winner told her husband after he made the comment.

Of course Kelly was only kidding, but her candid banter with her husband is something viewers certainly admire about her on Live.