There will be a lot of tears when Kathie Lee Gifford says goodbye to her Today pals on Friday, April 5, but that doesn’t mean that it will be curtains for the TV personality. She hopes to continue seeking other opportunities as well as keep herself open to a new romance.

“I don’t have a wish,” the 65-year-old recently said in an interview with, referring to the possibility of finding a new romantic partner. “I have an awareness that I’m a very, very emotional person. I’m a very passionate person, and I don’t want to be lonely for the rest of my life.”

Hoda Kathie Lee
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The Live With Regis and Kelly alum was last married to Frank Gifford in a marriage that lasted nearly 30 years until the 84-year-old’s death in 2015 from natural causes. Kathie added, “I’m open to a relationship, a new relationship that would be very, very different from the ones I’ve had in the past.”

This isn’t the first time the author has been open about the possibility of finding love again. She had this to say to Us Weekly recently: “I’m open to love, but I don’t think you go out and find love; I think that it finds you. I’m a woman of faith, so I also think that if God wants it, then he’ll bring it. Maybe I have [found love] already and just don’t know it. We’ll see.”

Kathie Lee Frank Gifford
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For now, it certainly seems like Kathie Lee is going to focus on her career first — at least since she has made it very clear that she has post-Today plans.

“I have a lot of film projects coming up. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in Israel shooting … I’m going to start directing — first time I’m directing an 11-minute film based on a song I wrote with Nicole C. Mullen, called ‘The God Who Sees,'” she previously said. “Then we are going to do four more of our Whiskey and Wine movies. Then some other ones I can’t say yet, but we’ve been trying to make them for 16 years. Finally. It’s like the roadblocks are gone. I don’t know it seems like it’s the time. So I’m excited about it.”

We can’t want to see what Kathie Lee has in store for us moving forward!