She’s open minded! Three years after her husband, Frank Gifford, passed away, Kathie Lee Gifford reveals that she hasn’t stopped looking for love. In fact, she said that she’s keeping her eyes peeled and her heart open just in case God decides to send her someone special.

“I’m open to love, but I don’t think you go out and find love; I think that it finds you,” she recently explained to Us Weekly. “I’m a woman of faith, so I also think that if God wants it, then he’ll bring it. Maybe I have [found love] already and just don’t know it. We’ll see.”

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In 2015, Frank passed away at age 84 from natural causes. At the time, Kathie Lee, 65, was having a hard time dealing with his death but now she says that she’s “feeling OK” and is ready to move on. “I was having a rough time [in the beginning],” she revealed. “But I’m allowing myself to feel OK.”

Kathie Lee’s cohost Hoda Kotb knows exactly what she’s looking for in a man. “Well, the main requirement for her is that they have all their own teeth,” Hoda joked. “That’s very important!” Since Kathie Lee is reportedly planning to move to Nashville, Tennessee, after she departs the Today show in April, she might just find the man of her dreams there. But right now she’s just focused on what lies ahead for her in her career.

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“I have a lot of film projects coming up. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in Israel shooting … I’m going to start directing — first time I’m directing an 11-minute film based on a song I wrote with Nicole Seamullen, called ‘The God Who Sees,'” she previously revealed on Today. “Then we are going to do four more of our Whiskey and Wine movies. Then some other ones I can’t say yet, but we’ve been trying to make them for 16 years. Finally. It’s like the roadblocks are gone. I don’t know it seems like it’s the time. So I’m excited about it.”