You may think Meghan Markle is the most popular royal right, but think again! According to a recent poll from YouGov, Kate Middleton is more popular than the Duchess of Sussex. In fact, she came in fourth place and Meghan in sixth (even though Prince Harry came in first).

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Even after seven years as Prince William‘s wife, royal fans are still fascinated by Kate. “Kate was a little slow in her learning, but she’s always been careful to watch,” said royal biographer Robert Jobson, according to Grazia. “She had eight or nine years to learn the ropes, and the way she presents herself and the way she operates now means the family is happy to let her get on with it. She has never put a foot wrong.”

And today, the 36-year-old seems more confident than ever, and some suggest it’s because for once, the spotlight is off of her and now on Harry’s wife. “I think she probably finds it a bit of a relief,” Robert added. “She won’t take on more just because Meghan is on the front page of the papers. She and William are now the top duo. They know they have nothing to prove.”

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Perhaps that’s why she’s using this time to experiment with fashion. “The Duchess is making more of an effort with her outfits,” a source close to Kate revealed to Grazia. “She’s been picking off-the-shoulder designs and more figure-hugging dresses, and she’s also being a bit more bold with her color choices.”

The best part? She has an “in” where it counts. “Kate gets the pick of the jewels for big occasions and the Queen is happy to open up her jewelry box,” another Palace insider shared. “Kate has been clever to befriend Angela Kelly, who is in charge of the Queen’s personal jewelry collection and oversees the loans. Generally, Kate is allowed to borrow whatever she fancies.” We love this more bold and confident Kate! And here’s a secret: She’ll always be our favorite royal.

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