With each day that goes by, Kate Middleton‘s queenly evolution progresses. Once praised for a style that was uniquely her own, Kate has recently started to echo fashion choices made by Queen Elizabeth — perhaps as a way of prepping for the role she will play one day.

Sources tell People the 37-year-old wore a look from a “private dressmaker” whose name we don’t yet know at a royal event yesterday, Tuesday, March 5. She donned a pale blue dress with ruffled sleeves and a high neck with a button detail that doesn’t come from one of her usual designers. So what’s the connection with Kate’s look to the 92-year-old monarch? Well, Elizabeth also wears colorful ensembles from private dressmakers, too!

For this event — which celebrated the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles‘ investiture as the Prince of Wales — we saw the Queen wearing a bright purple ensemble from Stuart Parvin. Also in attendance was Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton
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The Duchess of Cambridge has been a part of the royal family for almost the entire 2010s and, after all that time, it’s likely that she has decided to switch up her wardrobe while performing royal duties. We used to rely on Kate to give us printed tops and skinny jeans paired with pumps — and she likely will in the future, too — but there’s no denying that we’ve seen her taste change a bit.

Away from the palace, Kate has proven that she isn’t afraid to change into sneakers and show off her “rubbish” soccer skills. The mother-of-three — to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — is clearly able to let loose and have fun. After all, Kate can pour quite the pint of beer. All that said, she clearly knows how to enjoy her downtime and prioritize self-care when it’s needed.

Whether her outlook on clothing has changed or not, it seems the Duchess of Cambridge is ready for the challenge of being Queen Kate when the time arrives.