In photos and out and about, Kate Middleton is always looking effortlessly amazing. And her family is just as incredible. She and Prince William just celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary and welcomed their third royal baby, and together they're cuter than they've ever been honestly. Those pictures of the royal princess and her new little brother? Absolutely adorable. But watching Kate leave the hospital just hours after giving birth so that she can get back to her busy life, we couldn't help but think she's just the ultimate in #MomGoals.

Popping out a baby, throwing on some Jenny Packman couture, honoring your late mother-in-law Princess Diana in one simple move, and then getting back to your other two little kids waiting at home all in less than a single day is no easy task. But when Kate does it, she makes it look like no sweat off her back. On top of all that, being a royal also takes plenty of effort and hard work. Attending all those engagements, appearances, and events while keeping a perfectly polite smile on your face can take a lot out of you (and if you don't believe it, just take a look at little Princess Charlotte who can barely keep up with the whole exhausting job), but Kate always goes about it with nothing short of incredible elegance and grace. She's a princess personified, all right, but more than that, she just seems like an amazing mom.

Despite the formal events, the mother of three always finds time to play with her little ones, be silly, and keep them entertained and paying attention. OK, so there's the occasional temper-tantrum where Charlotte just wants to sit on the ground in her fancy dress and Prince George won't stop worrying, but they're kids. And even when things start to fall apart, Kate always manages to pull them together again. Basically, we're just in awe of how amazing she is — and we've got the proof to back it up. Check out the photos below to see all the times Kate Middleton proved she was the ultimate in #MomGoals.