You would probably never know by looking at Kate Middleton today that she was a big-time hockey player, but that is exactly what she did back in her college days. And it’s the experience she had while at her old school that is reportedly having her wanting Prince George to attend there as well.

It was at Marlborough College that the Duchess of Cambridge, according to her close friends, changed quite a bit, turning Prince William‘s future wife into a very confident woman. Kate first joined the school midway through the academic year in 1996 after being teased by other students at Downe House — an all-girls boarding school. Joan Gall, Kate’s tutor, recalls meeting her student, saying, “When she arrived she was very quiet. Coming into a big school like Marlborough was difficult, but she settled in quickly.” Joan added: “It was like a big, happy family. We would do things like bake cakes and watch videos.”

Kate Middleton College Days
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According to the Daily Mail, aside from being a regular on the school’s hockey team, Kate also became joint captain of the tennis team. She also participated in other sports including swimming, high jump, and netball. Housemistress Ann Patching had this to say about young Kate: “Catherine was able to settle in very easily. She got involved in school life and loved sport and music.” And classmate Kathryn Solari recalls how nice Kate was to her. “Catherine was always really sweet and lovely. She treated everybody alike. She was a good girl and quite preppy — she always did the right thing — and she was very sporty. I wouldn’t say she was the brightest button, but she was very hard-working.”

Another pal named Gemma also adds that Kate was all about studying. “Catherine wasn’t much of a party animal. A group of us used to sneak off to Reading to go drinking but she would never join us.” Gemma continued, “Kate was known for working very hard and took A-levels in chemistry, biology and art in 2000, achieving two As and a B.” Kate eventually moved on over to attend St Andrews University where she met William. And the rest is, well, history.

Kate Middleton and William
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It is no surprise that Kate apparently is leaning towards having George attend the same school that made her the person she is today. Then again, George is only 5-years-old, so his parents have quite a bit of time to mull it over.

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