It’s been seven months since Julia Roberts joined the rest of the world on Instagram and, since then, she’s gained an impressive 4.7 million followers. And while we love following Julia, 51, on the photo-sharing site, the actress just revealed who her favorite Instagrammers during a new interview and admitted, “there are a few.”

Molly Yeh is a chef who I really enjoy and I follow her and I love Josh Brolin,” the star told People at the WSJ Magazine Talents and Legends Dinner on Monday, January 28. “I think [he] is a brilliant Instagrammer. Great Instagrammer. Sarah Jessica Parker is really good. So yeah, there’s some fun things, for sure.”

The Homecoming actress introduced herself to the social media app in late June 2018 with a sweet photo of herself sitting by a tree while enjoying the sun. “Hello,” she captioned her very first Instagram photo.

However, Julia admitted in early November 2018 during an interview with fellow star Busy Philipps that she still used Instagram long before she made an account on the popular social media outlet. “Just because I wasn’t a joiner doesn’t mean I wasn’t a watcher! An observer,” she told the host while guest-starring on her show, Busy Tonight. “I think Instagram is super cool.”

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There is one thing that she won’t partake in on Instagram, though. “I like Instagram,” the Ben is Back star dished to Busy after the host complimented her on her social media skills. Julia then explained that while she loves the way SJP interacts with her fans on the social media outlet, she just can’t do the same. “It’s just another thing I would do badly, so I don’t have the comments,” she said, referring to her account’s comments-disabled feature.

Since joining, Julia has shared nearly 100 photos with her fans but she’s assured she’s “not addicted” to Instagram. Wish we could say the same, girl!