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Whatever Happened to the ‘Judging Amy’ Cast? See What Tyne Daly and Other Stars Are Up to Now!

Real TV magic happens when the star has a deep connection to the show they’re on — and Judging Amy is a prime example of that. Running for six seasons between September 19, 1999, and May 3, 2005, it was co-created by Amy Brenneman and was based on the life experience of her own mother, a fitting reason behind why she played the lead.

“My parents were in California for Thanksgiving and had visited the set a few times. The scenes of the family at home went fine. That day, though, I had a summation speech. There I was with my robe on, and suddenly it all became too Freudian. I thought, I’m playacting, pretending to be my mother!” Amy, 55, told the Harvard Law Bulletin in 2000 of mom Frederica, a judge of the Connecticut State Supreme Court. “I couldn’t remember my lines. I got the sweats.”

'Judging Amy' Star Amy Berenneman at the 2000 TV Guide Awards

The Private Practice alum played Amy Gray, a Harvard grad attorney who — along with her daughter, Lauren (Karle Warren) moves back to her hometown to live with her social worker mom, Maxine (Tyne Daly), after separating from her husband, Michael, in New York City. Also there are Amy’s brothers, Vincent (Dan Futterman) and Peter (Marcus Giamatti) — who is married to Gillian (Jessica Tuck). In short, it’s a real family affair!

Though viewers followed Amy for a few years — seeing how she adjusted to being back at home — fans never got the closure they needed. That’s because the series was cancelled after airing its season 6 finale, making that the de facto series finale too. In the episode, Amy decides to quit her job so she can run for the U.S. Senate.

As for what has happened to the cast after the series ended, let’s look at Karle, for starters. The 27-year-old has spent a lot of her days staying out of the public eye. In fact, she only appeared in only one movie, Tim Allen’s 2010 directorial debut Crazy on the Outside, while she attended UCLA to pursue a writing degree.

Scroll down to see what the Judging Amy cast is up to these days, 20 years since the show premiered!

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