Just one month after they became first-time parents, John Stamos' wife, Caitlin McHugh, has revealed she and her hubby are eager to give their baby son, Billy, a sibling "ASAP!" In a new interview, the 32-year-old actress gushed about having more kids in the future with John, 54.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight when she'd like to get pregnant again, Caitlin exclaimed, "as soon as I can!" She continued, "Right now, Billy is extremely spoiled and we need to share the love, he's gotta share some of those toys and all the things that have been given to him. He needs [siblings] to keep him grounded. If he's the only one, he'll get way too much love because there hasn't been a child on either side of our family in quite some time."

Caitlin also admitted that she'd be thrilled to have a baby girl with John next. "I would love to give him a little girl, but we're happy with boy, girl, just healthy," she confessed. For now, Caitlin — who married John while expecting baby Billy in February 2018 — is just focusing on her first child and sharing special family moments with her husband.

"He used to say he's not going to change any diapers… and he's changed so many diapers! He totally doesn't mind it. It's beautiful seeing [John] with Billy. It all feels so right. It feels like this is the way it should've always been," she shared. "He comes so naturally to fatherhood and I love watching it. I stare at the both of them all the time. [John is] 100 percent full-on active and fantastic… He's perfect, he's a perfect father. I can't wait to give him more [kids]."

As for baby Billy — who was born on April 15, 2018 — Caitlin revealed that the couple's little one is doing just great. "[He's] adorable. Even all the gas and stuff, everything he does is exciting. It's like, 'Oh yes, you pooped! That's great! You farted, that's great! You burped, right in my ear! You spit up in my face and I couldn't be happier.' There's a lot of positive reinforcement in our house for literally everything," she said, adding that Billy has John's blue eyes and "scowl" and shares her "small ears." So cute!