Like father, like son! John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently welcomed their second child together — a baby boy named Miles Theodore — and now that he’s a few months old, he’s starting to look more and more like his daddy every day. 

On July 22, Chrissy took to Instagram to share an adorable new video of Miles playing in his crib and fans cannot get over the uncanny resemblance. “OK, I’m convinced [Chrissy] just cloned [John] and shrunk him into the size of a baby,” one fan commented. “Literally John’s twin! It’s so insane,” wrote another. 

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this little dude!

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Beyond just his looks, one fan prayed for Miles to inherit his papa’s legendary (pun intended) singing talents. “If baby boy gets his daddy’s pipes, man, that would be so cute! Then he would be his true twin.” 

Miles joined two-year-old Luna Stephens when he was born, and many fans also pointed out that he looks a lot like his older sister as well. “You guys make the cutest babies! I see Luna in him, too,” one fan wrote.

It’s so heartwarming to see Chrissy and John being praised for their parenting, especially because the couple has always been so open about their unfortunate difficulties conceiving. In fact, they’ve often discussed their experiences using IVF (in vitro fertilization) to get pregnant with both Luna and Miles and how they even picked the sex of both babies.

Recently, a fan commented on one of Chrissy’s Instagram photos saying, “I know IVF was used for Luna. Was it used for baby brother also?” and some commenters thought the question was too personal. But the mom-of-two didn’t mind at all! 

“I wasn’t offended by it — people are just curious and I think hearing success stories gives people hope. I’m all for talking about IVF,” she wrote back. 

Here’s hoping that Chrissy and John continue to be open about their parenting journey. Oh, and more pictures of little Miles and Luna, please and thank you.