Actor Joel McHale is the definition of a supportive dad to his two kids. The Community alum revealed that his eldest son, Eddie, decided not to go to college.

“You talked in an interview, on a serious note, that your son decided he was not going to college. That it wasn’t the right fit for him,” Hoda Kotb asked the comedian during an appearance on Today on Tuesday, March 5.

“Oh yeah, my older son Eddie. He loves video games and LEGOs and he was like, he said, ‘I might go to college, I’ll let you know.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, if you want to go work for a video game company, do your thing!’” Joel, 52, shared.

“There’s all these expectations to do things and I think you have to listen to your kid and think, ‘What do they really want?’ And then force them to do the opposite,” he continued.

The Animal Control actor is also a dad to his younger son, Isaac, whom he shares with his wife, Sarah Williams McHale. Joel previously revealed that Eddie, 19, is on the autism spectrum.

“Our eldest, he’s 18 and he’s on the autism spectrum, and he’ll be the first to tell you that. And then he would walk up to you and go, ‘Tell me about a time you got hurt.’ And then wait for your answer,” he shared during an episode of the “Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone” podcast on February 27.

During the candid conversation, Joel once again touched upon Eddie’s decision not to pursue higher education.

“So we’re not sure what his trajectory is but he loves video games and he’s good at them. So I think he might just skip college,” he explained. “I’m like, ‘Go ahead. Just start work. Just learn that C++ language and start writing video games. Great.'”

Joel McHale family
Michael Buckner/Getty Images For P.S. ARTS

Joel also revealed that one thing both of his sons inherited from him is his hilarious sense of humor and sarcasm.

“They’re both extremely sarcastic and make fun of me. Like when we say grace when we have dinner, Eddie will go, ‘God is great. And Joel is not,'” the former host of The Soup shared. “Isaac will be like, ‘Hey dad. When are you going to be relevant again? Do you think people will like you again at some point?’ Yeah, there’s a lot of that.”