The post-Christmas blues are real and Joanna Gaines is suffering from them just as much as we are. The lifestyle guru recently shared her “simple” advice on how to “reset” your home and headspace following the holidays and going into the New Year.

“When the gifts have been opened, the tree has been taken down, and Christmas has passed, I start to crave simplicity and fresh inspiration in my home,” she wrote on her blog At Home. “There’s a moment every year after the decorations have been packed away where the house feels a little bare, but I like to look at this as my opportunity to approach our home with fresh eyes.”

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So when the tinsel is picked up off the floor and the Nutcrackers are stored back in the attic until next year, Joanna, 40, knows just how to clear her mind. “For me, the tools for this reset begin with the senses: sounds, smells, colors, and textures,” Jo dished.

“I love to put a good playlist on shuffle, burn a new candle, and start looking for the places in my home where I can clear clutter, incorporate new colors, and add life.” The former Fixer Upper star even made a Spotify playlist, “At Home,” that features 36 soul-soothing songs that’ll be sure to put you in a good frame of mind.

However, Jo wanted to make it clear that revamping your home’s style is not synonymous with blowing your paychecks. Her recommendation? “Instead, opt to embrace change in really simple ways.” By this, she suggested that you add light decor such as greenery or a basket for throw blankets. And if you’re really adventurous, Jo said to add a pop of color to a couch or bed with striking throw pillows.


The mom-of-five also touched on the one thing we all dread when the new year comes around — de-cluttering! In order to tackle these types of projects that “you’ve been avoiding,” the brunette beauty recommended starting with a hall closet, junk drawer, or pantry.

“Whatever this process looks like for you, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking of this as a complete overhaul of your home,” Joanna wrote. “Rather, look at this as your opportunity to slow down, reset and embrace the clean slate of a new season. I hope that whatever this fresh start looks like for you, that you will approach it with pause, purpose, and intention. Happy January!”