Over one month ago, Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines welcomed their fifth baby, Crew Gaines, to the world and their lives haven’t been the same since! In the fall issue of The Magnolia Journal, Joanna admitted her pregnancy with Crew was not what she had expected. In fact, she felt more feeble this time around. 

“I am 40, and pregnancy this time was different,” she shared. “I have always really enjoyed being pregnant — I tend to feel my best during those nine months. This time I felt a little more worn out than usual.”

Since raising four kids with Chip, Joanna has lived through all the best and worst moments of being a mother. A few years ago, she thought that she didn’t want any more children but surely enough, that changed. “I truly believed I was done,” the TV star added. “And yet, after eight years, here I am with a newborn in my arms.”

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Taking every day one at a time, Joanna wants to be the best mom that she can be for Crew. It can be hard to juggle a family and a career, but Joanna knows what’s important in life. She has always put her family first and after leaving Fixer Upper, she is no longer trying to do it all. Joanna is more than happy to receive help whenever she can.  

“These past weeks, though, in a season where I simply can’t do everything in order to be present for the very thing I’m feeling most called to, I have witnessed so vividly the power of our community and the range of skills and capabilities of those around me,” she admitted. “I’m learning that in these instances my part is to receive with gratitude rather than pretend I’ve got it all handled.”

Crew has also given her the strength that she needs to battle her insecurities every day. When she sees her new baby boy, Joanna just melts and wants to spend the whole entire day by his side. “Welcoming our fifth child to our family this summer has reminded me more than ever that despite my own doubts and insecurities, I am built for these things, including being a mom to five kids,” Joanna said in the editor’s note. 

She added, “It has also prompted me to consider this theme in a completely new context. My perspective about being made ready has been mostly through the lens of inner strength and the often difficult journey many of us travel to recognize that we’ve already got what it takes to do great things.”