Hopefully Jennifer Lopez isn’t giving her kids any ideas! The Second Act star — who recently shared a video from an interview conducted by her 11-year-old twins, titled “Twin Talk: Ask Me Anything with Emme + Max” — dished the sneaky thing she used to do when she was just a little girl.

“I used to get in trouble all the time,” the 49-year-old beauty told her son, Max, after the youngster asked, “What was the most trouble you got in when you were my age?” Jen elaborated that she used to “sneak out of the house” when her parents would make her go to her room.

“What I’d do is — my room was on the second floor and there was a little roof, and then there was a roof, and underneath it, there was a shed,” she shared with her kiddos. “And so I used to put a ladder on the shed and then I used to climb out and climb down the ladder and jump off the roof of the shed,” Jen continued as Max and Emme stared in disbelief.

Jen — who recently got engaged to her longtime love, Alex Rodriguez — added that her teenage mischief went unnoticed for a bit. “They didn’t hear me at first,” she said of her parents, dad David Lopez and mom Guadalupe Rodríguez. However, the brunette beauty was finally caught when her mom checked her bedroom shortly after she snuck out one day! “It’s a long story,” she joked.

Throughout the rest of their interview, the “On the Floor” singer discussed pretty much anything Emme and Max would ask. Jen opened up about motherhood, childhood crushes and what it was like growing up. While most of the questions from her adorable children caught her off guard, The Boy Next Door star was most shocked when Emme sweetly asked, “Am I your favorite?”

“What?!” Jen jokingly exclaimed as Max and Emme giggled at her reaction. “I don’t have a favorite! I don’t believe in favorites!” she replied. “I could never think of one of you more than the other … I love you both so much.”

Aww! Jen is one amazing mama.