Seeing their mom, Jennifer Lopez, on TV is nothing new for Emme Muñiz and Maximilian Muñiz. In fact, Jennifer, 49, candidly revealed in a new interview with People that she’s not the reason why her 11-year-old twins like to watch her show World of Dance on TV — they actually like to tune in every week because the show is anything but boring.

“I don’t know that they so much like to watch me on TV but they definitely love watching the young dancers,” J. Lo said. “This week they were screaming over The Kings, they couldn’t get over it. It’s exciting and it’s something we can do together.”

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Jennifer absolutely loves that her kids share the same interests as her because that means they can spend even more time together as a family. “It’s much like my experience with different shows I was on back in the day — where families can sit down and watch it together. And I love that,” she explained.

J. Lo returned to judge the competitive dancing show for its third season and she admitted that being on the series is something that she never gets tired of doing. “Producing this show and being one of the judges is one of my favorite things I get to do,” she gushed. “Having a front-row seat to this is amazing because I’m such a lover of dance. I love seeing all the new stuff that is out there. So when these kids come on and do things that literally blow my mind, it means everything to me.”

World of Dance - Season 2
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“I don’t really think people understand my love affair with dance — or maybe they do — it’s real,” she continued. “It’s the real love. I just feel so lucky that I was able to be a part of creating something that not only benefits dancers but showcases them as the stars as they are.”