There’s no denying Jennifer Aniston looks better than ever at 49 years old. That said, it’s about time we learn the famed actress’ workout secrets!

In a new interview with People, Jen’s trainer, Leyon Azubuike, revealed how the former Friends star stays so fit. The answer? Boxing!

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Throughout the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure to wake up every day and do something I love with people I care about, people who share that same passion, energy, and infectious positivity for the task at hand, and to see those same characteristics transcend just the physical part of the exercise. This right here, this is very very special to me, being that it comes from one of the most AMAZING human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure to have in my life 😀. So to the hardest working, beautiful, vigorous, most extraordinary person- way to absolutely CRUSH this🙌🏿. Pick up your @instylemagazine September fashion issue on the stands now! I’m proud of you Jen, and forever proud to be your coach 🙏🏿 . . . #JenniferAniston #Gloveworx #Fitness @underarmour @gloveworx @goodmorningamerica

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“It’s very interactive, and the best part about the boxing part, specifically, is that it’s infinitely progressive,” he shared. “We can regress the workouts as much as we need to accommodate anyone from beginner to Olympian, and in the same sense, we can progress enough to where you’re learning something new every single time you put on a pair of gloves where you step in the gym.”

And he thinks Jen is great at the sport! “She’s very diligent. She is ready to work out hard, every single time she hits the gym,” he shared. “Whether it be a 45-minute session, whether it be a two-hour session, she’s always ready to go. Incredibly consistent and hardworking, and that makes my job a little bit easier. She’s a very good, natural athlete.”

Luckily for Leyon, Jen feels the same way about him. “I have this trainer named Leyon, who I believe hung the moon,” she shared with InStyle in the magazine’s newest issue. “It’s the longest workout I’ve actually stayed with consistently other than yoga. There’s something about the mental aspect of boxing — the drills, your brain has to work, you’re not just sitting on a bike. It’s amazing.” Sign us up!

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She added, “You get a mental release of all this crap you’re taking into your ears and eyes every day and have little fantasy moments imagining who you’re punching. I’m just grateful it’s not actually the person, even though there’s one person. You know what I mean. It’s all good.” You go, girl!