Wedding Crashers star Jane Seymour and her boyfriend, David Green, have a wonderful romance and when the 67-year-old actress opened up about her amazing love story with David in a new interview with Us Weekly, she said she’s grateful to have a man like David, 70, in her life.

“I just think it’s pretty remarkable, actually, because most women my age do not find someone else,” Jane gushed about her beau. “If they do, they usually find a very much younger man, and it’s an uneven relationship.”

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After four failed marriages — to Michael Attenborough, Geoffrey Planer, David Flynn and James Keach — Jane said she’s relieved to finally have found the man of her dreams. “I think it’s really wonderful I found a contemporary, someone I knew 40 years ago. We both had lives, and now we found one another, and we have another chance,” she gushed, but added that she probably won’t get married again. “I’m just enjoying life and not tying knots,” Jane joked. “I don’t think knots work for me. No. I’m keeping my heart open.”

Although Jane has known David for four decades, they didn’t start dating until she finalized her divorce from James a couple of years ago. “We had been friends first, but fell for each other over lunch one day after we had been, shall we say, released from our marriages,” she previously joked to the Daily Mail.

Jane Seymour and David Green
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David’s fun-loving personality wasn’t the only thing that sealed the deal for Jane. She also loved that he was born in the UK. “We made a mutual move on each other over lunch,” she gushed. “It’s nice to date another Brit in America — as we share the same sense of humor and culture and we have shared friends.”