In 2007, Drew Carey took over the hosting role on The Price Is Right, but is he here to stay? The game show host dished on whether or not he plans to continue to host the popular program for years to come.

Is Drew Carey Leaving ‘The Price Is Right’?

Drew took over hosting duties from Bob Barker after the latter led the show for 35 years. Now in the position for more than a decade, Drew revealed that he has no plans to leave The Price Is Right any time soon.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he told Entertainment Tonight in May 2024.

“I think Bob made a mistake by retiring,” he added. “I’m not gonna make that same mistake. As long as my heart is ticking and they want me to be on the show, I think I’m gonna do The Price is Right. I just love it.”

In the same interview, Drew also offered up some advice for Ryan Seacrest, who was announced as Pat Sajak’s successor on Wheel of Fortune for season 42.

“Do I have any advice for billionaire Ryan Seacrest? Who hosts everything all the time? No,” the comedian said. “Bro, I think you got it. I think you know what to do. I think you know how to host things. Don’t worry about it. You’re going to be fine.”

Is Drew Carey Leaving ‘The Price Is Right’?
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What Happened to Bob Barker?

In his years away from TV, Barker continued his work as an animal rights advocate. He died in August 2023 at age 99. Drew remembered the TV hosting legend’s impactful legacy.

“Very sad day for the Price Is Right family, and animal lovers all over the world,” Drew wrote on X at the time. “There hasn’t been a day on set that I didn’t think of Bob Barker and thank him. I will carry his memory in my heart forever. #RIPBobBarker. We love you.”

The Whose Line Is It Anyway? star also shared the biggest lessons Barker taught him before his death.

“He was so good at this,” Drew told Entertainment Tonight in September 2023. “He was so good at relating to people and getting them to be relaxed and be themselves. You watch his demeanor and his attitude. He never seemed stressed.”

“I’ve learned to relax while I’m onstage and not be so uptight about what’s going on,” he added. “I just have to own the show and make it like my living room, because he was so comfortable in front of a camera.”