Well, this is what we like to hear during the holiday season. Sure, we’re all probably going to be arguing with our family during the holidays, but I’d like to think that deep down we all enjoy and love our family. For the most part at least. And according to reports, it seems the royal family can say the same.

A source has told In Touch that the royal family has a lot of love for each other. “The royals have had their ups and downs, but as the saying goes, ‘blood is thicker than water,’” the source says. “Underneath the upper-crust exterior, they all love each other dearly.”

The source also adds, “Charles wasn’t around much when William and Harry were younger.” So with that said, it makes sense as to why Charles would want to make up for lost time and get to know his sons even more. It also helps that the royal family used Charles’ 70th birthday party to get together with friends and celebrate Charles on his special day. And this was a birthday party that had magician Jools Holland and a ton of fancy food that I never see when I decide to go ahead and stuff my face with Golden Corral.

Chris Jackson / Clarence House via Getty Images

These reports of the royal family loving each other dearly is nice to hear especially since recent reports revealed that Kate Middleton has been feeling snubbed by Queen Elizabeth lately, as Kate feels the Queen has been all about Meghan Markle.

“Kate accused the Queen of giving Meghan special treatment and sees this as a huge snub to her side of the family,” the source explained. “She understands that most of Meghan’s family is estranged from her and that this was a kind gesture, but it still hasn’t stopped her from thinking that Prince Harry’s wife has got it easy!”

Hey, it’s the holidays. Let’s just go ahead and love each other like the royal family is reportedly all about. If that sounds too difficult, let’s at least try and tolerate each other.

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