As coronavirus forces U.K. kids into homeschooling, Kate Middleton and Prince William have drastically changed their lifestyle in order to protect Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from the deadly disease.

“William and Kate are taking precautions by isolating George and Charlotte from other children. The kids are missing their friends and keep asking after them, but at least they have each other,” a royal insider tells Closer Weekly on Monday, March 23. “And now Louis’ a bit older, they include him in their play sessions and games, too.” How fun!

Since Charlotte, 4, and George, 6, have been taking online classes with their iPads amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve been having a hard time staying focused. “Kate doesn’t usually allow the kids to use iPads, computers and other electronics. She and William even limit their TV time, so it’s taking a while to adjust. But when it comes to running quality online education, St. Thomas’ is up there with the best,” the insider says while referencing George and Charlotte’s London school.


However, they haven’t been continuing their studies at Kensington Palace amid the outbreak. The family decided they would be safer at their country home, Anmer Hall. “Kate, 38, and William, 37, went to Anmer early after Boris Johnson put the U.K. on lockdown. The kids are being homeschooled from there,” the source says. “They’ll be residing at Anmer until after Easter (at least). Kate and William may have to take a couple of trips at London for work but Anmer will be their main base and the kids will stay there.”

Charlotte and George have been doing their best to practice social distancing, and the pair has been doing a great job keeping each other busy at home. “Louis loves singing and dancing, just like his sister, Charlotte. But they aren’t the only musicians in the family,” the insider notes. “George is learning how to play the guitar and piano. There are times when Kate covers her ears to block out the noise, but she laughs about it.”

Who knows? George might grow up to become an excellent musician! Other than trying to become a rockstar overnight, he’s been enjoying his playtime with his siblings. “George and Charlotte enjoy board games, like Snakes and Ladders, and one of their favorite games right now is hide-and-seek!” the source says.

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No doubt, Kate and William’s children are making the best of a bad situation. We’re just happy they have their parents around to help keep them safe from the virus.

“It’s a really busy time for William and Kate right now, with having the kids at home and working day and night to bring awareness and raise funds for coronavirus. Beating [COVID-19] is currently at the top of their priorities, and with Queen Elizabeth now residing at Windsor Castle, the couple has had to up their game by taking on some of her responsibilities,” the source says. “But they aren’t complaining about their workload. The way they see it, being thrown in at the deep end is good preparation for when they become King and Queen!”

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