Now that John Stamos is engaged to — and expecting baby No. 1 withCaitlin McHugh, fans are dying to know all about the actor's fiancée! Scroll down to get all your burning questions about Caitlin answered!

How old is Caitlin McHugh?

Although she hasn't totally confirmed, her Instagram account suggests that her birthday is in mid-May. Some outlets have reported that she is 31 years old today. That means she and John have a 23-year age gap!

Is Caitlin McHugh an actress?

Yes, she is! Her IMBD page states that she has made appearances in popular movies and films like I Am Legend, Blue Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth, NCIS: Los Angeles, and more! But now that she's going to marry the Full House star, we wonder if they'll co-star in any shows or films together, or better yet, if she'll appear on an episode of Fuller House!

In the past, Caitlin has shared that John is very supportive of her career. “I’m very happy — he’s super supportive, and I really couldn’t ask for anything better. He’s very encouraging of anything I want to do career-wise,” she said. “I really appreciate it a lot. You don’t get that with every guy!”

Does Caitlin McHugh like music?

Just like her soon-to-be hubby, Caitlin is reportedly a big music fan! Her Instagram account has documented her singing and playing the ukelele. "They have a lot in common. Caitlin plays music and John loves music," a source one told People.

This works out, as John enjoys playing drums for The Beach Boys from time to time. And we could never forget his musical talents when he was part of Jesse and the Rippers on Full House!

Does Caitlin McHugh like animals?

She loves animals — and is even a dog foster parent. She also has another adorable pup named Lilo. Who knows? Maybe she and John will get another pet to add to their growing family!

Does Caitlin McHugh like Disney?

She doesn't just like it — she loves it! Caitlin has proved she's a big fan of the "happiest place on Earth" by posting cute photos, trivia questions, and more. On top of that, it's where John popped the question! Does it get any more ~magical~ than that?