Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? Two years after the end of Hoda Kotb’s eight-year relationship with Joel Schiffman, the Today cohost admitted she’d had a slipup with an unnamed ex. While discussing Cardi B’s holiday hookup with ex Offset, the 59-year-old revealed that she had also “fallen into old habits,” adding that she “did regret” her own tryst and wished she’d had “just a little bit more willpower,” when it came to the ex. “Sometimes if you’ve been broken up for even a month or two … sometimes you forget what it was that was bugging [you],” she explained. “There are times where you’re like, ‘What was so bad about that?’”

Now sources tell Closer that Hoda’s booty calls are backfiring. “She ends up kicking herself and feeling dumped all over again,” says an insider. “It’s a vicious cycle.” Even more heartbreaking, the TV anchor feels she’s let down her two kids with the 65-year-old. “Haley and Hope want their parents together,” explains the insider. “They don’t quite get why their dad doesn’t live with them anymore. It’s hard for Hoda.”