One healthy family! Hilaria Baldwin is all about making sure her kids stay on the right path when it comes to health and being active, and she recently revealed  how she goes about that.

“I cook for my children every single day and I do have go-to meals because they’re kind of picky but I’ll do a lot of green smoothies for them and I’ll mask it with different fruits and stuff like that,” the 35-year-old exclusively told Closer Weekly. “You’ve got to mask it because they won’t drink it otherwise. But whole grains, a lot of good proteins. We eat a pretty plant-based diet. We’ll eat a little bit of fish and a little bit of eggs sometimes. In my book, The Living Clearly Method, I have recipes there so you can check those out.”

“They eat sometimes a little bit of fish and a little bit of egg, but other than that they’re vegan,” the yoga instructor, who partnered with Tom’s of Maine to promote their all-new Women’s Natural Strength Deodorant, continued.

Hilaria and her husband, Alec Baldwin, share four kids — daughter Carmen, 5, and sons, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 2, and Romeo, 1. The actor’s wife also revealed some healthy habits she makes sure to instill in her children.

“I’m very focused with them on what the cause and effects are of the choices that they make and how they feel afterwards, and that can be anything from how I move,” she explained. “I teach my little boys … they just beat each other sometimes and I’m trying to teach them when they have that extra energy and that they’re like ‘mommy I need to go run outside,’ so that idea of ‘I have this energy inside of me and I need to move my body,’ or ‘if I eat this, how am I going to feel later?'”

“Which doesn’t mean we don’t have special treats as we call them, it doesn’t mean we don’t have that, but the majority of what they eat is to make them feel really good,” Hilaria added.

So great to see how much Hilaria wants her kids to practice healthy ways from a young age.

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Reporting by Diana Cooper.