As the star of HGTV’s No Demo Reno, Jennifer Todryk has proven to be quite the whiz in the area of home design. The designer has been nothing but open and honest with her fans since rising to fame on the network. Over the past few years, Jennifer has been battling Hashimoto’s disease. Scroll below to learn more about her condition and symptoms.

What Is Hashimoto’s Disease?

On her blog, The Rambling Redhead, Jennifer shared details about her Hashimoto’s diagnosis. 

“I have Hashimoto’s. It’s an autoimmune disorder where my body attacks my own thyroid,” she wrote on the home page. “Basically, hypothyroidism but worse. While it has its struggles, I am very thankful that this is the disease I have, something that can be managed!”

Per Mayo Clinic, “the disease usually results in a decline in hormone production.”

HGTV's Jennifer Todryk on Hashimoto’s Disease Diagnosis
Courtesy of Jennifer Todryk/Instagram

What Has Jennifer Todryk Said About Hashimoto’s and Fertility?

In another post, Jenn opened up about how her Hashimoto’s battle affected her fertility journey.

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last summer, I’ve always struggled with hypothyroidism and I have been in an awesome place the last few months since I started getting a pellet of testosterone inserted into my butt cheek,” she wrote in a May 2018 blog post. “I have felt SO GOOD. My energy is amazing, and all of my hormones are leveling out for the most part.” 

The TV personality also shared that she suffered a miscarriage before receiving her Hashimoto’s diagnosis. 

“I miscarried my first pregnancy back in 2012 and my current OBGYN found that my progesterone was critically low, which is the hormone that keeps the baby alive until the placenta can take over and do its job,” Jennifer wrote. “I really do feel like I was spared another miscarriage because of her, considering that the OBGYN I had been seeing during the miscarriage didn’t want to check my hormones until I miscarried three times. INSANE. I still shake my head at that man.”

How Many Children Does Jennifer Todryk Have?

Despite all of the difficulties she has faced in her health journey, Jennifer feels blessed to be the mom of kids Von, Berkley and Vivienne, whom she shares with her husband, Mike Todryk. Her Instagram page is full of adorable photos with her family of five and fun memories from vacations that she wouldn’t trade for the world.

“Mike is honestly the best girl dad,” she gushed over her hubby in a February 2023 Instagram post. “Thankful for a husband who asks our girls ‘How did God make you?’ every night at bedtime with only one acceptable response, ‘from my head to my toes and everything in between God made me exactly as I’m supposed to be.’”