Henry Winkler and His Lookalike Son Max Hang Out in Rare Public Outing

Like a mirror image! Henry Winkler and his only son Max look just like one another in a rare public outing in Los Angeles.

The Happy Days alum, 74, and his youngest child, 36, recently bonded together, as they were seen hanging out on Sunset Blvd. Henry was all smiles as he made his way down the street with his grown son. The actor shares Max with his longtime wife Stacey Weitzman. The happy couple also have daughter Zoe, 40. And when it comes to their family, the famous star is of course all about them.

“Henry’s new show ‘Barry’ has put him back on top and he’s making a ton of money,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly. “He’s a totally selfless guy though and he’s not sinking his new fortune into cars or real estate, instead he’s just spoiling his family, especially his grandkids. He loves giving his family generous gifts but he also dotes on them in a non-materialistic way too by spending time and reading them the stories that he’s written.”

Henry Winkler

“Henry was on the verge of retiring from acting, and now he’s busier than ever and getting the best reviews of his life. It’s given him a whole new lease on life.” The Golden Globe winner not only loves being a dad, but he is also head over heels being a grandfather.

“I love being a grandparent,” Henry once said at a signing for his 33rd children’s book and ninth in his popular Here’s Hank series. “I thoroughly enjoy myself.” In fact, he is so close to his grandkids that his grandson dressed up as the character that put Henry on the map: The Fonz.

“My grandson is six years old [and] on Halloween went — and he chose this — as The Fonz! [My heart] fell out of my body. My heart soared into the stratosphere,” Henry gushed at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Patron of the Artists Awards in Los Angeles on November 8. So sweet!

It’s clear that Henry is simply loving being a family man.

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