“Quiet quitting” has become a thing during the past few years. Now sources exclusively tell Closer Halle Berry might be giving it a shot. The 57-year-old finally settled her long-running divorce from third husband Olivier Martinez, and the terms give the disgruntled actress very little incentive to make bank. 

In addition to paying out $8,000 per month in child support for their 9-year-old son, Maceo, the Oscar winner must pony up 4.3 percent of her yearly earnings over $2 million!“Halle fears if she has a lot of success in a year, that money is going to go into Olivier’s pocket and not be used for Maceo’s care,” says an insider. “It’s a big incentive to slow down, or take lower-paying roles.”

After all, the pair were only wed for two years before they announced their divorce in 2015. “It just grinds at Halle that Olivier can benefit from her hard work when she kicked him to the curb many years ago,” adds the insider. “She had to agree to the terms because Olivier’s lawyers were going full-court press on her and she wanted the divorce drama over, but she says it’s a good reason not to work so hard!”